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Rope Guard

Rope Guards

Rope guards are a protection barrier for propeller shafts shielding them against line entanglement around main shafts. Typically attached by means of welding or bolted with locking wires in place. These locations can also harbour heavy marine growth at times making it difficult for inspections or repairs to be carried out.

CDS can offer experienced dive crews trades man to carry out specialised underwater welding operations and installation of rope guards. Inspections using our specialised underwater camera equipment carry out removal of entangled ropes and nets picked up in the ocean.

Carry out in water sealing of rope guards for internal seal replacements, creating a totally water tight seal for the replacements of stern tube seal replacements.

Replacement and installation of:

  • Anode
  • Rope cutters
  • Bolts

Rope Guards are a habitat for invasive species and significant marine growth will adhere to the gratings and internal over time, therefore causing an ever increasing restriction to the free flow of suction and cooling water which enters the seas suction gratings. Ultimately if the sea suction gratings are not cleaned free of marine growth the cooling water cannot pass through the gratings as they become blocked and must be cleaned. The cleaning of these sea gratings must take into account the risk of any dislodgement of invasive marine growth and such growth must be carefully removed and disposed of appropriately onshore so as to not contaminate the marine environment.

Commercial Diving Services have been doing extensive development of their HST patented system in regards to bio-security in the case of Rope Guards which requires cleaning being heavily fouled with invasive species, CDS’s HST system can be placed over the contaminated sea chest suction box for the treatment and killing or the invasive marine organisms using high sea water temperatures of around 90 degrees for extended periods to kill all of the unwanted pests before their removal on onshore disposal. CDS have taken the initiative with this advanced design of HST bio-security treatment in readiness for the ever increasing concern of bio-security and government regulations which are designed to protect our pristine marine environment.