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Doubler Plates

Doubler Plates

Doubler plates are typically used for temporary underwater repairs on the shell plating of steel wet hulls. Commercial Diving Services offers the choice of either under-water wet welding or high powered ‘rare-earth’ magnets dependent upon the specific jobs requirements. Commercial Diving Services underwater team consist of qualified Boilermakers with specialist skills and knowledge in under-water welding and fabrication.

These plates can be installed over cracks in fuel oil tanks where in this case welding would not be advised however our designed high power rare earth magnetic patches can be suitable for the task.

Other locations for doubler plates that may require welding would be over areas of high corrosion like ballast water elephant foot discharge points, tank sounding pipes, poor cathodic anode protection systems and cracks in non fuel oil tank locations. We would also suggest NDT testing be carried out prior to the installation of doubler plates to ensure proper understanding of the localised condition.

Doubler plates can also be bolted via single located corrosion hole in this case the doubler plater most likely will have a flexible gasket so that when the bolt and nut is tightened through the shell plating the gasket compresses creating a relatively water tight seal to allow for further internal repairs to be carried out.