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Inspections, Cleaning and Maintenance

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Reservoirs and Tanks

We can perform various comprehensive inspections, cleaning and maintenance in potable water reservoirs for government agencies and corporations.

Commercial Diving Services own and use the required dry diving suits and sterile equipment that is compulsory to this specialised type of diving and all our commercial divers chosen for these projects are at minimum certified by standards AS/NZS 2299/1/2007 and are trained exceeding confined space certification requirements.

Fire suppression water storage tanks also have a requirement for inspection for ongoing certification and typically requires divers to provide photographic evidence and reports along with when required NDT services of which commercial diving services are qualified to provide. We also have the equipment to clean fire suppression tank floors from silt build-up using our portable vacuum system.

Our diving equipment configuration is that of SSBA industry standard non scuba operations. Our SSBA system is equipped with 100m diver umbilical, safety lines, hard wired communications, surface supply backup air and emergency tripod rescue equipment enabling peace of mind and assurance to our clients.

Our high quality video inspection systems for this task lead the industry standard in providing quality, reliability, portability and safety.

Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) are becoming increasingly important in their ability to carry out reservoir inspections without diver intervention and in some cases during reservoir operation if the correct screening of outlets are in place.

Water reservoir maintenance can include:

  • ROV inspections (photographic and video)
  • Diver inspections (photographic and video)
  • Cleaning and maintenance of water treatment plants
  • Leak detection using potable water friendly dyes
  • Installation and maintenance of desalination plant intakes
  • Maintenance and new installation of reservoir propeller systems
  • Maintenance and inspection of water intakes and outlets
  • Valve Maintenance
  • Blanking and capping
  • Above water super structure inspection (photographic and video)
  • Non Destructive Testing