Hull Surface Treatment - HST - Introduction

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Award Winning World First in Hull Cleaning and Anti-Fouling

Hull Surface Treatment (HST) underpins an aggressive energy conservation program through reduced drag, increasing fuel efficiency and embracing environmental stewardship promoting reduced carbon emissions and a reduction to the risk of Imported Marine Pests.

Hull Surface Treatment (HST) technology reduces a ship’s energy consumption. The application of a thermal shock to the underwater surface of a ship’s hull reduces/eliminates primary fouling and is a long term fuel reduction solution. The HST process does not remove or damage existing anti-fouling paints and is non-toxic.

HST technology uses ‘thermal shock’ to kill marine slime, algae and weed growth without its immediate removal. The dead growth is later washed from the hull by open sea and wave action when the ship has returned to sea.

Designed to be a proactive maintenance initiative... HST keeps the underwater surface clear of primary fouling eliminating the expensive impost and need to treat secondary and tertiary bio-fouling.

In 2010 Hull Surface Treatment (HST) was selected as a finalist at the Seatrade Asia Awards 2010 to be held in Singapore on 26 April. An impressive panel of judges agreed that HST ranked in the top five emerging technologies in Maritime Environmental Protection.

In 2009 Hull Surface Treatment (HST) was awarded 1st Prize for Environmental Innovation at the Lloyd’s List Asia Awards 2009 held in Singapore on 29 October, 2009. Again, the judging panel consisted of key shipping industry professionals.

In 2009 Hull Surface Treatment (HST) was a finalist and was runner-up at the Sustainable Shipping Awards London 2009 in the category of Ocean Environmental Protection... further endorsement by an esteemed panel of judges.

In 2008 Hull Surface Treatment was recognised on five separate occasions when it was awarded 1st Prize by the Australian Business Awards 2008 in three separate categories including Innovation, Best Eco-Friendly Product and Best New Product. HST was awarded 1st Prize at the Integral Energy Illawarra Business Awards 2008 for Innovation and 1st Prize for Eco-Innovation in Business at the Future World Eco-Innovation in Business Awards.

The economic benefits of HST are:

  • A cost effective anti-fouling initiative
  • Reduces drag increasing fuel efficiency
  • Promotes less wear and tear on ships engines
  • Extends life of anti-fouling paints
  • Reduces periods of programmed dry-docking
  • Environmentally user friendly
  • Poses no threat to the economic, environmental, cultural and social fabric of marine and coastal resources
  • Does not destroy the anti-fouling paint system like abrasive brushing does

The environmental benefits of HST are:

  • Reduces and prevents Hull Fouling as a vector for the introduction of ‘introduced marine pests’
  • Reduces and prevents marine biographical invasion occurring via Hull Fouling
  • A cost effective, environmentally acceptable and safe treatment to toxic anti fouling paints
  • An enhancement to the active properties of new anti fouling paints
  • Environmentally safe process undertaken in ports and harbour's
  • No damage or removal of existing anti-fouling paint system
  • No chemical or abrasive process used with no pollution to the waterway
  • Reduces fuel oil consumption
  • Reduces Green-house gas emissions
  • Will assist Industry and Government in Energy Efficiency Opportunities program