Tim Johnson - Commercial Diver | COO

Australia | South Pacific

Chief Operations Manager

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Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson was born in 1984 and was keen to pursue outdoor activities at an early age, becoming a keen fisherman, camper and dirt bike rider. His father Keith, was initially reluctant to encourage his son into the underwater world as a Commercial Diver, but as fate would have it, the grandson and son of the Commercial Diver, would not be discouraged.

Tim’s earliest memory of using Scuba was around the age of 6 in a small rock pool at Mollymook on the New South Wales south coast. Under his father’s watchful eye he experienced the freedom and wonder of breathing under water for the first time. Growing up around the Commercial Diving Industry led to opportunities for Tim to work during school holidays, earning extra pocket money packing equipment and generally assisting his father where he could. Intent on watching, listening and learning as much as possible about this exciting and dangerous job… a job he would make his own career.

“It was an addictive feeling the first time I can remember breathing underwater and being submerged in that marine environment”

Tim Johnson

Upon leaving school, Tim Johnson commenced his apprenticeship with Commercial Diving Services in 2001, undertaking a 4 year Trade Certificate as a Heavy Vehicle Diesel Mechanic and bridging into Plant Mechanics which he completed with distinction. He then went on to undertake the Advanced Automotive Technology course for a further year. 2005 saw Tim as a qualified automotive mechanic specialising in Heavy Vehicle Road Transport. Tim was also undergoing diver training within Commercial Diving Services at this time.

Tim went on to undertake the Commercial Diver Training Occupational Diver Accreditation to Level III and Chamber Operator Certification (ADAS) in Tasmania. Tim then undertook his Commercial Diver Supervisor Certification Level II (ADAS). These qualifications along with extensive ‘underwater’ time, allowed Tim to engage in a much broader role at Commercial Diving Services.

Committed to underwater engineering, Tim continued his education where he undertook further trade qualifications in Welding and Thermal Cutting. His enthusiasm and energy is responsible for progress and change within Commercial Diving Services and has led to advanced marketing and ‘brand’ enhancement across the vast range of services on offer.

“Many people have a perception about what we do. Most of them I find are furthest from the truth. I never disregard that our industry is dangerous, I always conduct our works as safely as possible and guarantee our clients are taken care of because if we do not look after our clients somebody else will”

Tim Johnson

Tim has also specialised in ROV operations and underwater photography/survey work… designing unique ‘underwater specific’ tools and apparatus to assist in making each deployment more productive. He played a significant role in assisting his father to research and develop Hull Surface Treatment technology to commercialisation and is committed to environmental excellence where ever possible.

Because many of the deployments require highly mobile diving systems deployed to a wide variety of locations, Tim recently completed his Coxswain certification and In-board Marine driver certification enabling him to operate commercial vessels ‘in survey’ up to 15 meters in length up to 300hp. The skill required for today’s Commercial Diver are both above and below the water line and require a maturity, awareness and commitment towards occupational health and safety above and beyond that of most work environments.

Tim is constantly researching and evaluating the latest technology ensuring Commercial Diving Services remain at the top of the industry. Tim has embraced the digital era and the benefits it brings to operations and clients alike but all the while never loosing respect for tradition and existing proven methodologies.

“By harnessing the wealth of knowledge and experience from the past two generations that my family and our team have been in the industry, and combining this with new practices and the latest technology, we can ensure our clients will continue to receive the best service possible”

Tim Johnson

Tim Johnson is currently the Chief Operations Officer at Commercial Diving Services and is active in all aspects of the day to day operations. Occasionally desk-bound but more often on site organising dive crews, directing operations and overseeing contracts, Tim leads from the front in much the same fashion as his father Keith and Grandfather Neil, before him.

With over 1300 underwater deployments registered in his log book… Tim Johnson continues the proud tradition of Commercial Diver and third generation of the Johnson's enterprise, both above and below the waterline.