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Underwater and Under Bridge Maintenance

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The inspection and maintenance of the above and underwater elements to bridges and wharves such as pylons, pillars, piles, piers, abutments and culverts is a vital part of the asset maintenance required by government agencies and private companies.

Commercial Diving Services offer both underwater and under bridge inspections and maintenance services with our specialised equipment specifically designed for these type of structures.

We carry out extensive inspection and preventative maintenance works for NSW Rail Corp, Road and Maritime Services NSW (RMS), Sydney Harbour Authority, regional councils as well as large engineering firms such as GHD and SMEC.

One of our key objectives is providing a safe workplace environment for our employees, authorities and our clients. When conducting bridge inspections or repairs we have and continue to sustain an outstanding safety record.



Our certified commercial divers have extensive experience performing bridge and wharf inspections including obtaining underwater photographic and video evidence as required. If desired live monitoring of the inspection from the surface and two-way audio communications with the diver can be provided enabling specific requests or instructions to be supplied while watching the inspection in progress.


Inspections can also be carried out using our remote operated vehicle systems (ROV) where it may not be suitable for diving operations to be conducted or more cost effective, for example, in deep water or to reach confined spaces underwater. Our ROV's are monitored and controlled from the surface and are also capable of capturing photos and video whilst underwater.

Under Bridge

We have portable and/or boat mounted floating hoists and lift platforms capable of heights up to 15m. These elevated platforms are certified and provide ideal and safe access to the underside and outer sides of bridges (or any structure over or on the water). The lift systems can be controlled from either the base or bucket as desired. Our floating hoists are also available for hire.


Preventative Maintenance

Some examples of preventative maintenance that we regularly conduct include:

  • High pressure water blasting to clean marine growth from structures
  • Installation and maintenance of corrosion protection bands
  • Installation of cathode protection systems (CPS)
  • Core sampling and crack stop drilling
  • Pile wrapping

Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

NDT is used to analyse and evaluate the integrity of piles, piers and underwater structures. Through the NDT method of testing there is no permanent alteration or damage done to the structure. We commonly are requested to test metal thickness’s and crack propagation. These tasks are achieved using MPI and ultrasonic double echo metal thickness digital gauging. In certain circumstances NDT can also be carried out using our ROV systems.

Core Drilling and Samples

We can execute a variety of core drilling techniques providing core samples typically to assist large corporations and government departments to investigate the structural integrity of marine assets. Core sampling can often be requested by the client or engineers before or after assessment of a condition report on the asset.

Based upon the clients or engineers instruction to us we will carry out their request with the core drilling size and location, in either concrete or metal. The core will be supplied to the client for their further analysis which may lead to subsequent coring requirements. It is normal that after each core is taken the void created by the core is filled with an appropriate product such as rapid set epoxy or equivalent as specified by the client.

Bottom Sampling and Surveys

We also do bottom sampling and surveys of river beds, upstream and downstream of bridge structures and below to determine if river bed scouring is present. Debris build up against bridge piers and pylons also needs to be identified for its potential removal.


Our professional team provide a comprehensive report to clients and/or engineers for their assessment and records which includes a condition report and any photos and videos recorded.