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CDS have been supplying the commercial shipping industry with a class approved inspection service since 1985. Our company holds the major class approvals for conducting in water hull surveys, CDS pride themselves on this service, it has been refined and improved over many years. Our approved reporting format is regarded to be of the highest industry standard giving our clients and the surveyor all the information they need to ensure their vessels are safe and sound.

Our underwater camera equipment and LED lighting is second to none ensuring we don’t miss anything, our divers are equipped with hand held purpose built underwater video and still cameras with live surface feed to a LCD monitor and digital recording facilities set up at the dive master location, our underwater communication system is directly linked through the video feed and recorded so you can hear and see everything that is going on during the inspection.

Our office is able to gather and prepare all the site information in time for a complete report package to be dispatched within 48 hours of completing the survey. This service includes hard copied being sent via courier service and soft copied sent via email within 24 hours.

With a record of conducting over 2000 in water surveys in Australia and abroad you can be rest assured that your surveys will be completed promptly and professionally.

Class approvals for:

  • Ships
  • Mobile offshore units

Most class approved in water surveys can be carried out by our competent dive crews from our certified dive vessels whilst a ship is alongside and during cargo operations (with no hold up to such cargo operations). Generally one daylight shift is required, however, we can carry out your in water survey during the night time if required.

The only limiting factors in most cases for a successful in water survey are:

  • adequate water clarity
  • competent and reliable underwater photographic equipment
  • Adequate underwater lighting equipment
  • competent and experienced dive crew
  • reasonable weather
  • reliable diving equipment

We have successfully completed thousands of in water class surveys with zero failures. Our certified personnel utilises our quality equipment with backup support equipment which is more than adequate for the above mentioned requirements.

Very rarely extremely adverse weather conditions can require cancellation of an in water survey.